Visitors Count! Guidance for protected areas on the economic analysis of visitation

(Quelle: Manuel Woltering)
(Quelle: Manuel Woltering)


A dediction to Prof. Dr. Daniel Metzler


The value of protected areas is often hidden from direct view. Once managers understand the number and behaviour of visitors they host, and the revenues and costs they generate, informed decisions on management plans and tourism strategies can be made.


This guideline is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Daniel Metzler – one of the contributing authors – who passed away during the compilation of this guideline. Daniel was an excellent as well as highly respected academic teacher known to be strongly devoted to his students, making himself available to them at all times. Furthermore, Daniel was an exceptional researcher who laid with his innovative doctoral thesis the cornerstone for a German socio-economic park monitoring system. It is our hope that the latter will continue as a lasting legacy of Daniel’s pioneering work, including through his contribution to this guideline.


Drawing on case studies from around the world, Visitors Count! aims to build awareness, knowledge and capacity internationally on how to best undertake economic evaluations of tourism in protected areas, and thereby contribute towards a globally acknowledged standard methodology.

You can find the UNESCO guideline on the following link: Visitors_Count_Guidance_for_protected_areas_on_the_economic_analysis_of_visitation.pdf